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"Every family I have observed that is successfully preserving their wealth is a reflection of the five virtues of truth, beauty, goodness, community, and compassion. Families who preserve their wealth successfully reflect these virtues in their relationships both with family members and with all persons outside the family."

James E. Hughes, Jr



Timonier (Tee-mo-nyae): noun: Navigator, helmsman

Timonier Family Office believes that success, as defined by the families it serves, represents its highest calling. Our goal is to allow clients to master their lives through higher awareness and to achieve the greatest level of happiness. As an independent, privately owned multi-family office, Timonier guides in the development of the human, intellectual and financial capital of the families that it serves.

"The journey is the reward." ~ Proverb

Exposing America’s Retirement Dilemma

Why is having a family fiduciary crucial to avoiding the conflicts of Wall Street on your path to and in retirement? Watch this PBS special documentary to see what all of America is talking about.

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  • >> Who We Are


    We are fully-integrated team of financial professionals including wealth managers, financial planners, investment advisors, tax professionals, risk managers and life coaches.

  • >> What We Do


    What sets us apart is the customized Wealthcare Plan, the centerpiece, the guidepost and the most important element of our wealth management services.

  • >> Why We're Different


    We take a multi-generational approach to wealth management, utilizing a structure that follows a century-old concept used by wealthy families that could afford to hire a professional staff for their own use.